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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

♥ Dirty Bit

Dirty bit!
Dirty bit!

Best gila lagu ni. Dengar dalam kereta pun boleh terangguk-angguk geleng-geleng macam orang mabuk todi. Dari dulu lagi tak pernah nak frust dengan Black Eyed Peas ni, lagi-lagi suara Fergie macam memukau orang jek. HAha, ish ni dah melambung tinggi sangat memuji ni.... Bawak bersabar. Nah lirik kot-kot korang nak nyanyi sama...

I've had the time of my life
And I've never felt this way before
And I swear this is true
And I owe it all to you!
Oh, I have the time of my life
And I've never felt this way before
And I swear this is true
And I owe it all to you!

Dirty bit!
Dirty bit!
I came up in here to rock
Light a fire, make it hot
I don't wanna take no pictures
I just wanna take some shots!
So come on, let's go!
Let's lose control!
Let's do it all night!
Until we can do it no more!

Keep on rocking to the sound
Turn it up and watch it pound
We gon' rock it to the top,
Until the roof come burnin' down
Get hot in here
The temperature
Has got these ladies
Getting freakier

I got freaky, freaky, baby
I was chilling with my ladies
I didn't come to get boogie
I came here to get crazy!
I was born to get wild!
That's my style!
If you didn't know that,
Well, baby, now you know now

Cause I'm
A good time!
With you!
I'm tellin' you!

Chorus: (x1)
Dirty bit!
Dirty bit!

All these girls they like my swagger
They call me Mick Jagger
I've been rolling like a stone
Jet-setter, jet-lagger
We ain't messin' with no maggots
Messing with the baddest
Chicks in the club,
Honey, what's up?

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the baddest of them all?
It's gotta be the Apl
I'm the mac daddy, y'all
Haters better step back!
Ladies download your app
I'm the party application,
Rock it just like that!

This is international
Big mega radio smasher!
Cause I'm
A good time with you, I'm telling you!

Chorus: (x4)
Dirty bit!

Selamat melayan.

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