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Monday, November 9, 2009

♥ weird chilli ! ;p

these are actual peppers from a garden ( idk where is it).
they are called 'peter peppers'

weird aite? kinda what? har har har har!

when i first saw dis pictha, i thought it's just another photoshopped hoax but digging deeper. i was suprised to discover that it's a real plant! usually called 'peter peppers' and scientific name capsicum annuum var annuum peter (haha, berbelit lidah nk sebut). it's native to Louisiana and Texas, batu 6 xde ye! haha. it's been called by many names including Chilly Willy and Penis Chilly ( ohh man, are you dare to eat dis kinda chilly? fuck off! haha) and guess what? this hot chillies has been judged "MOST PORNOGRAPHIC PEPPER" by Organic Gardening Magezine. well, not suprising since it looks like so... :P ohh by the way, a farmer who specializes in growing them says they can grow up to 18 inch! awwww

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